Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Free $100 from American Express

Apply this American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card and get 10,000 membership rewards points redeemable for Rewards. First year is fee free, after that is $130, so cancel it after you got the reward points.


In Debt We Trust

There is a documentory film called " In Debt We Trust", which shows how serious the US has become a debt nation. Did you know the Americans and the US Government owe trillions of dollars. It's not even comprehensible as to much that number is and at the same time we are encouraged to consume.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Free Power Trading Workshop

It's from the Online Trading Academy. They have many paid courses but this one is for free and you can receive 2 free CD's (Trading Essentials). I would guess it is just an introductory course but the course is 4 hours long. You have learn a lot in few hours. If they are selling you other courses, you can always walk away. Well, you don't have to buy anything from them just see what happens and what they have to offer. Link