Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Currency trading has become more popular these days. It is easier to trade than the stocks but it also carry much more risks. So, you can go there to explore and learn more about currency trading.
The EXPO will be held on June 3-4 in New York with over free 50 workshops available. The sits are limited, so register early. They also provide more advanced topics.
I will go there to learn something new. I am considering trading currency because stocks are not for me. I keep losing money from trading stocks. I haven't been able to figure out a way to make money.
Now, I am going to try something new to see if I can get a better results.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Vista Print is offring 25% off all products

If you are new to Vista Print, they offering you a 25% off all products. They have many products for personal or business. From business cards, postcards,bochures and all kinds of printing products for your needs.They also give you 250 business cards for free. I am up for it. I don't know what I want to put on the card right now. I don't have a business yet. But I will design my own card and upload to them. Well, right now I need more sleep !

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good news for people who are impatient.

Citibank has the solution. It offers short term 9 month CD with low minimum balance of $500 at 5.0 APY.
A great way for your money to work for you in a low risk FDIC insuranced account. I will get start to grow my money.

Friday, May 26, 2006

HP Pavilion a1400e Desktop Computer Only $199

Office Depot is offering a supor deal. A desktop PC + 15" LCD + printer = $199 before taxes.
-With AMD Sempron Processor 3200
-All in one printer
-256MB Memory
-80 GB Hard Drive
-Burn & play CDs

Not bad for that price. You can use it for a second PC or the use ti serve the internet. I will sell out soon, so buy early.

Dell Coupons

Only a few days left but why not! Here it is !

My wish list is back again !

American Express's My wish list is back again! Last year I won two different certicficates for Amazon.com and BestBuy.com. Both are 25% off $600 but the BestBuy certificate was useless due to bad company. I didn't use it at ! What a waste ! Now I don't shop over there. Let's see if they have any 25% off coupon this time around.

But the Amazon certificate was great, I bought 2 IPOD Video for only $450 with no tax,no shipping ! I was delighted !

They sent me post me mail to remind me and to tease me about the upcoming new event, it will begin from June 6- 16. This time they will have some great deals I hope.

Well I am just keeping my eyes on the SAAB 9-3 Aero Convertible for only $5000. Don't give up hopes, it might be yours !

If you don't the American Express Cards, you can still apply them before the event expires !

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Free Cars Beach Towel by Mail !

Buy any combination (6) particpating Proter & Gabmler Fabric or Home Care products between 5/1/ and 6/30/06. Send the receipt and the form. Great for the summer.

download form

CompUSA Memorial Weekend Madness

This firday from 6pm-Midnight and Saturday from 9am-Noon. Looks like they have good deals.
- for $49.99 you can get a 2.5Gb mp3 player
- get XBox 360 free when you buy a 42" Olevia LCD HDTV for $2199.99

Click for detail..

Get up to $250 in rewards

As a drugstore.com customer, you can take advantage of this special offers. Just open and fund the different accounts from Netbank and receive the rewards.

1. Get up to $100 bonus

Get $100, $50 or $20 Visa® Gift Card!Open a NetBank CD Account with a balance of $15,000 and a minimum term of 12 months and get a $100 Visa® Gift Card; or with a balance of $10,000 and a minimum term of 12 months and get a $50 Visa® Gift Card; or with a balance of $5,000 and a minimum term of 12 months and get a $20 Visa® Gift Card.

2. Get up to $75 bonus

Open a NetBank Checking Account with a $50 minimum deposit and maintain an average daily balance of $500 for at least one month and get $75.Choose between our free NetValueSM Checking and our high-interest SuperValueSM Checking.

3. Get a $75 bonus

Open a NetBank Money Market Account with a $100 minimum deposit and maintain an average daily balanceof $1,000 for at least one month and get $75.Looking for a safe and secure place to sock away savings? You're in the right place.

Go to the website and find the details..

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

$30 off your next purchase of $150 or more!

To take advantage of this special offer:

Go to OfficeMax.com and enter the follow promo code on the shopping cart page


one time use only maybe
valid through June 17,2006

Sony Reward Credit Card $100 card credit after first purchase

Sony Card now has a $100 card credit after your first purchase. I apply for this credit card for the first time. I didn't apply for pass promotions but for $100 dollars, why pass it up. I can earn the rewards points,too. Also, it has no membership fees, 0% APR for 12 months.
However, I have to wait for the approval, not an instant. Maybe it is for someone who has a high credit score.

Free samples !

Walmart.com is offering free samples from differnet companies. Usually the samples are new products just come out to the market. I have tried some of them. They do arrive in a few weeks.
They have new samples from time to time, so check back offen. They offer 4-5 different items at once to choose from not one at a time. You might find something you like to try. No shipping needed !

Free Seminar on how to manage your financial future

ING Direct is offering free seminars in there ING DIRECT Cafes on May 23 and 24. Free is always good and you can even print out a coupon for a cup of coffee. You can get the tools and the helps you need to start investing. For about an hour and then you can ask some qestions you may have.
They have four cafes in different locations. I havn't been to anyone of them but I might go check it out soon and attend the seminars in the coming events. You can find out more from their website. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bank of America is giving you money !!!

This is a real good deal because you don't have to buy anything form them. To get $100 simply open a new personal checking and get the $25 for opening a saving account at the same time. Here is the link...
Hurry it may not last long, so get in before they pull the plug ! It is better than getting an IPod nano or maybe not for some.

Worry about identity theft ?

Identity theft is increaingly common nowadays. It could happen to anyone including the ones that have passed away. Here is the good news. If you are PayPal member, you can join the "Equifax Credit Alerts" at now cost.

The best way to prevent identity theft from happening is to monitor your account regularly. Equifax Credit Alerts is a program that helps you protect yourself from identity theft. By signing up to receive Equifax Credit Alerts, you are notified when someone opens a financial account in your name or when a significant change occurs on one of your existing financial/credit accounts.

Please note that this program provides you with alerts for financial and credit accounts that you hold outside of PayPal (for example, bank account, credit card account).This program also provides you with a free Identity Protection hotline if you believe your identity has been stolen. So sign up with EquiFax.

11 strategies for getting out of debt

By Janet Paskin, MONEY Magazine
May 9, 2006: 2:58 PM EDT

NEW YORK (MONEY Magazine) - Getting out of debt, says behavioral economist Meir Statman, "is the financial equivalent of trying to quit smoking."
Good intentions alone aren't enough. To kick either habit, you need to break your underlying patterns of behavior.

Elect plastic surgery

You don't have to literally cut up your credit cards, but you must stop using them routinely if you're serious about paying off your balances.

1. Go green For everyday spending, carry around a set amount of cash to use each week. You will find that you make better purchasing decisions when you actually have to fork over the green stuff and there's a preset limit on what you can spend -- when you run out of money, you stop.

2. Make debit your backup When only plastic will do (if you're buying online, for instance), use your debit card. The debit card can also serve as an emergency substitute for cash if you run out.

3. Leave your cards at home Enforce the coolingoff period on new credit purchases by taking the cards out of your wallet. Store them in a place that's not easily accessible (in a safe-deposit box, maybe, or frozen in a block of ice).

4. Don't close the accounts Having unused credit available from lenders with whom you've had long relationships will help boost your credit score.

Lower your rates

With a moratorium on charging in place, shift your attention to paring down your existing debt. Start by reducing what you pay in interest.

5. Do some comparison shopping Check cardweb.com and CNNMoney.com's card search tool for lower-rate issuers.

6.Consider a balance transfer Look for offers with a 0% introductory rate for a full year, relatively low rates thereafter (13% or less) and no annual fees. A couple of good choices: Discover Platinum (800-347-2683) and HSBC Platinum (877-277-0948).

7.Play let's make a deal Call your current card companies and explain that you intend to transfer your balance to another issuer unless your rate is lowered, suggests Scott Bilker, author of "Talk Your Way out of Credit Card Debt." If your credit score is above about 750, you should be able to get your rate under 10%, he says. And, he adds, you should still be able to knock a few points off your rate even if your credit score is as low as 650.

Tackle those balances

Finally, develop a strategy for paying off your existing balances.

8. Figure out what you really owe Gather your statements and make a simple table listing the amount you owe, and the minimum payment and interest rate for each card. This will help you determine the order in which you should pay off your cards. Then use CNNMoney.com's debt-reduction calculator to see how long it will take to wipe out those balances.

9. Focus on the highest-rate card first Pay as much as you can each month while making only minimum payments on your other cards.

10. Automate your current minimums Late payments are the cardinal sin of debt management. You get slapped with hefty late fees and penalty rates that run as high as 30%, plus your credit score will take a hit.

11. Go in order When the first card is paid off, use the same strategy on the next-highestrate card and so on until you're debt-free