Friday, May 26, 2006

My wish list is back again !

American Express's My wish list is back again! Last year I won two different certicficates for and Both are 25% off $600 but the BestBuy certificate was useless due to bad company. I didn't use it at ! What a waste ! Now I don't shop over there. Let's see if they have any 25% off coupon this time around.

But the Amazon certificate was great, I bought 2 IPOD Video for only $450 with no tax,no shipping ! I was delighted !

They sent me post me mail to remind me and to tease me about the upcoming new event, it will begin from June 6- 16. This time they will have some great deals I hope.

Well I am just keeping my eyes on the SAAB 9-3 Aero Convertible for only $5000. Don't give up hopes, it might be yours !

If you don't the American Express Cards, you can still apply them before the event expires !


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