Thursday, July 27, 2006

$25 free driving from ZipCar

Get a $25 free driving by joinging ZipCar. Use a car whenever you want 24/7.

ZipCar is the largest car sharing company in the US. They are expanding to many cities.That means you can get a car at more places.

Low rates from $10/hr and $69/day which includes gas,parking and insurance.You can drive as little as one hour.

You can reserve your car online or on the phone. There are many different cars to choose from.Their cars are equipped with XM Satellite Radio.

There are reasons Why you want to join car sharing community.It is great if you don't want to own a car and need it from time to time. If you don't drive everyday and don't want to pay for the parking. Or you just think it it too much to own a car.

It is great for the environment;car sharing can reduce the number of cars on the road which translate into less feul consumption.

They are offering a $25 Free driving. Join now at

Enter NYWHEELS27 as the promo code on your application.

"must be used within 30 days of joining"

Other car sharing companies to consider :

- i-go

- flexcar

- HourCar

- CityCarShare

- philly car share

- hantscarshare ( England )

As competition is heating up so we will see more promotional deals.


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