Thursday, July 06, 2006

Smallest Apartment in the world

People like to live in the city because of convenience,like jobs,shopping,public transportation.However, the cost of liveing
is a lot higher than in smaller towns and the space you get is also much smaller. Sometimes you might need to share the space
with other people in order to be afford to live.
But the space is still not bigger the London's smallest flat or apartment.
It has Only 62 square feet of space with bathroom,living room,bedroom,kitchen all included. Anny Hsu calls it home there.

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Other small houses:

London: Size="10 feet x 6 feet" source: a, a, b
-America: Size =" 10 feet x 10 feet" source

-Toronto: Lot size: 2.0 by 33.9 meter source:

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