Friday, August 11, 2006

Get $275 in rewards by apply credit cards and saving account

You can get $275 worth of rewards if you oepn a Carver federal saving bank, $50 for apply for a Citi Diamond preferred rewards card, $50 for applying American Express Blue and Chase credit card.

$25 + $100 +$50 + $100

1. Carver federal savings bank

-$50 opening deposit is required to open a free checking account.
-You must apply and be approved for a line of credit

2. Citi Diamond rewards MasterCard ( 2 different offers )

-receive 5000 bonus Thank You Points after first purchase.
-no annual fee
-0% APR on balance transfers until 9/1/07
Call-1800-3322172 by 10/15/06 phone apply only
If you apply by phone you only get $50, but if you apply online (enter code F1G7 ) you will get $100 and 10000 bonus points. ( expires 9-15)

3. American Express Blue

-earn !% on all purchase into a high yield savings account
-after8-12 weeks they will deosite $50 into your account

4. Chase

-Receive $100 — when you start banking online with Chase Online for Small Business
-enter code 331054
-It's for Chase customers with an existing Small business account that has not signed up for online banking


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