Friday, August 18, 2006

make money selling stock photos online

Do people say you take beautiful pictures and should put them on a magazine or a brochure? Do you like to take pictures and just put them in your hard drive? With the fast growing online photo agencies, you can make money by selling your photos to online stock photo sites.

Every time someone downloads your images, you get a small commission.The more people download, the more you make. They handle all the transactions for you, all you have to do is setup an account, upload the photos and wait for the people to buy and collect the money.

That was the easy part, it is not as simple as I just described. You need the right equipments, high resolution is a must. You will also need a nice camera lens and other accessories. The quality of your images must be to a high standard, well balanced and sharp or they simply won't sell.

Sites will review your photos and then decide whether the images will be accepted. They don't take all the photos you submit to them.

The following are some of the agencies offer the service.



-dreams time

-i stock photo


-can stock photo




-photo stock plus

-photograher direct

Photograher direct discourages people using micropayment sites. "Photographers Direct cannot epresent photographers who have any images on micropayment sites. This is part of our Fair Trade policy" here is why

"Micropayment sites sell your work for peanuts and give you the shells"

There are many options for you if you don't use the survice those sites offer.You can always set up a website and sell the images yourself,but how to set the site,get people come to your webite, process the transitions are anyother topics by itself.
It is difficult for average people to market small websites with the internet know how. So, let those estibished webistes dothe marketing for you and you getting better at taking photos.

If you to make the maximum profits you can use the following sites that can give your won e-commerce enabled website for a fee.

-image display works

-photo stock plus


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