Monday, August 21, 2006

has the housing bubble burst

I don't know the answer but if you know what you are doing you can always in the real estate market whether it is booming or not. It is certain to me the housing boom has peaked since the interest rate has risen from the historic lows. Fewer people would be able to afford the mortgage when interest rate rise higher.

Easy money has been made in the real estate but some still has not cash in which put them in a dangerous situation.As more house put the for sale sign the price appreciation would be slow if not decrease. You make money in real estate when you buy as some people say but it all depends. So, take the profits while you can.

Be sure to read the articles if you suffer from the real estate bust:

-How to profit from a cooling real eatate market by Robert Kiyosaki

-Faceit: The housing bust is here by Bill Fleckenstein

-5 risky real estate moves to avoid now by Liz Pulliam Wston

-Before you buy that vacation home by Sarah Max


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